About Us

The Northeast Michigan Chapter of Safari Club was chartered by Safari Club International in Tucson, Arizona in 1997.  The original charter was issued by Safari Club when twenty members of Safari Club International  expressed a desire to form a chapter in northeast Michigan.


Over the years, the Chapter continued to expand its membership base.  Currently, the Chapter maintains a membership roster of approximately 100 members.  The expansion of the membership has been tied directly to the success of the Chapter’s annual fund-raising auction program.

From its inception, the Chapter Board of Directors was committed to offering an auction program that was a “niche program”.  That is, an auction program not typically found in other areas of the State.  The success of the auction program has enabled the Chapter to fund, on an annual basis, several significant conservation, education and hunter rights programs.


In 2018, after conducting its annual fund-raising auction in Traverse City, Michigan and drawing members from across the State and from across the country, the Chapter Board of Directors submitted a request to Safari Club International to change the name of the Chapter to the Northern Michigan Regional Chapter – SCI.  In early 2019, Safari Club authorized the name change as requested.

Major program initiatives of the Chapter include the Wish Hunt Program, the Wish Fish Program and the Michigan Heroes hunt program.  All of these programs are described in other segments of this website.


The Chapter is currently governed by a Board of Directors comprised of a total of nineteen members – 12 elected members and seven appointed members.  The Board of Directors oversees the operations of the Chapter consistent with the Chapter by-laws (also found on another page of this website). The Board of Directors welcome new chapter members and encourages all interested parties to participate in the annual auction program and to become actively involved with the Chapter activities.


During the course of the last twenty-two years, the Northern Michigan Regional Chapter of Safari Club International has made donations and contributions to a variety of groups, organizations and individuals.  These contributions support activities consistent with the goals of our Chapter.  Chapter donations and contributions to date total almost $2,285,000 and include:


  • Funds donated to a hunt of a lifetime for 20 youth who are terminally ill/ severely ill and/or physically challenged

  • Funds contributed to provide over twenty-six thousand pounds of venison to area soup kitchens and needy families through our Sportsmen Against Hunger Program – new freezers purchased for four local service agencies – as well as cash grants to area soup kitchens

  • Full grants for 100 Alpena area, under-privileged children to attend the Alpena-Montmorency-Alcona Education Service District Summer Camp Wilderness at Sprinkler Lake

  • Full scholarships for thirty teachers to attend the American Wilderness Leadership School in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

  • Cash grants to nine schools to assist with wildlife projects and educational programs

  • Funds contributed to support a local hunter safety program

  • Funds contributed to assist a local area wildlife rehabilitation center

  • Funds contributed to the Michigan Moose Collaring project and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources

  • Purchase of a wildlife display for the Jesse Besser Museum in Alpena, MI

  • Funds contributed to the Alpena Library to purchase wildlife material

  • Equipment purchased to assist local Conservation Officers enforcement activities

  • Grants provided for area youth to attend guide school

  • Cash contribution to the Montmorency Conservation Club

  • Cash contributed to the Alpena Kiwanis

  • Funds provided to schedule a wildlife artist into area elementary school classrooms and to provide other wildlife related programs

  • Funds contributed to the Alberta Professional Outfitters Society - Moose Tick Project and Hunters for Tomorrow initiatives

  • Funds contributed in support of efforts to preserve Grizzly Bear hunting in British Columbia and to support additional research on Grizzly Bears in British Columbia

  • Funds committed to the enhancement of Roosevelt Elk and Columbia Black Tail Deer populations on Vancouver Island

  • Funds contributed to SCI’s General Fund to assist with worldwide efforts to protect the right to hunt

  • Funds contributed in support of ungulate enhancement programs in northern British Columbia, Alberta and in the state of Alaska

  • Funds committed to Conservation Visions – wildlife research study

  • Funds donated in support of the Grizzly Bear hunting litigation in British Columbia

  • Funds donated in support of the National Archery in the Schools (NASP) at Howell Public Schools